You painstakingly tracked it, spent hours finding out it's every move and waited hours for just the right moment. You spent a lifetime waiting for that perfect trophy and now all of that preparation has paid off. Trust your trophy to a leader in the art of Taxidermy.

For three generations we have been serving sportsmen with the finest trophy mounts. Being avid sportsmen ourselves we know the details of each animal and that knowledge shows in the lifelike realism of our mounts. It is attention to the subtle details that makes our mounts so incredibly lifelike.

You are totally committed to your hunt, trust your trophy to a taxidermist who is every bit as committed to delivering you the finest mount. Our business is solidly built on customer satisfaction and that is why we have been so successful for three generations.

Lee's Taxidermy Inc. The Plains Virginia 1-800-423-3566

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Click here to visit the TecSavi website. Click here to see our services and trophy tips.